Multicolor Fashion building meterials.

We import multicolor fashion building meteials from china, Dexone Group Ltd. is the world-leading manufacturer for multicolor fashion building materials. With Grmany technology, we create the high quality products for all our customers. Our main products include colorful ceiling and colorful wall mural which display the very beautiful, fashionable, individuation high-resolution photographic images, and the images could be widely displayed on many kinds of materials, such as aluminum, steel, glass, plastic, gypsum, mineral fibre, glasswool, ceramic, textile, leather, bamboo, wood, etc.

Our image catalogue includes many kinds of beautiful. You should choose either from our image catalogue or designed by yourself. And the most important key is that all the customers are designers! Contact with us, send us the images what you want, then you will get the special individuation, exclusive product only for you.

These artistic fashion ceiling and wall mural are applicable to all types of environments: commercial, residential; indoor and outdoor.

All sizes are on your request ( maximum width 1600 mm., maximum length 2500 mm). For interior use, the coatings can keep 15 years unfading. For exterior use, the coatings can keep 2 years unfading.
size (mm.) : 300x300 , 300x600 , 600x600 , 600x1200 , 300x1200.

Features and Advantages:

  1. Environment-frendly and safe and recycle. The coatings passed following USA and European toxic Elements test: U.S. ASTM F963-07, EN 71 PART 3: 1994 AND AMENDMENT A1:2000 AND AC:2002
  2. Widely utilized, not only for suspended ceiling, but also for interior wall decoration, window, door, glass, exterior wall and cladding, sun louver, flooring, and all decorative goods, and all the daily goods that you want to put the beautiful images on it (the goods should e with a plain surface).
  3. Multi patterns and materials are available.
  4. DIY design available. You can design yourself and send photos to us then you can get the special. Individuation, exclusive product.
  5. Easy installation and demountable. You can change it as fashionable dress.
  6. Transform the beautiful illusions of nature to inside, make people comfortable, fresh, deep relaxation.
  7. No quantity limited. Even if you only order 1 piece, we can also special make it for you.
  8. Colors keep fresh new in long term. Our color can keep 15 years for interior and 2 years for exterior.