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Access floors, we provide distribution and installation service of high quality access floors.  With durability and beautiful designed, it helps facilitate and meet the needs of usage. With new solution for the construction, we offer the flexibility of access floors which is designed to fit your preference. In order to enhanced cost-efficiency, time-savings and sustainability.

Access Floors : Tate Access Floors

Tate is committed to providing the best quality access floors in the world by requiring stringent product performance and consistent criteria. We maintain our reputation for innovation and exceptional product quality through the hard work and dedication of our laboratory and engineering personnel. All facilities manufacturing Tate access floors products are staffed by independent quality inspectors who ensure that every panel meets the tightest criteria for consistency, flatness and overall performance. Our products go through the most rigorous independently certified testing process in the industry to meet all levels of international standards.

Our R&D team routinely examines the latest manufacturing technologies and materials to continually improve our products. As a result Tate access floors’s panels out-perform similar products made by other manufactures.

In addition to quality products Tate access floors offer the most comprehensive international support services in the industry. With regional sales and support staff, a wide range of design and cost estimating tools, and a comprehensive website we are able to provide the resources you need at any phase of the design process. The website contains information on the benefits of under floor service distribution, product performance, system selection guides, specifications, and details. Tate access floors dealers are also available to assist in system selection, installation and design support for custom applications.

Access Floors: Important Load Criteria

Important criteria such as design loads and safety factors are often over-looked when evaluating an access flooring system. The design load, often referred to as the safe working load, is not the same as a concentrated load because it represents a system test rather than a panel test. The system test evaluates two critical requirements, yield point and ultimate load. This is important because some materials used to make access floors show little or no visible damage before failing. A panel that fails without warning can be very dangerous in the event that it is overloaded

Different materials fail in different ways. The chart below compares steel with calcium sulphate two common materials used in access floors panels. As you can see steel will bend significantly before failing providing additional warning and safety.

Access Floors: Load Definitions

Yield Point - The Yield point is the load at which permanent damage to the system begins to occur.

Ultimate Load - The maximum load that can be applied to the system without failure or falling through the floor.

Design Load1 - The safe working load that can be applied to the system determined by choosing the smaller value of the ultimate load divided by a safety factor of two or the yield point.

Safety Factor2 - The multiple of the design load to the ultimate load.



1 For more information on design load visit Tate’s website and click on
Resources / Technical Bulletins.
2 The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) and The American Institute
of Steel Construction (AISC) recommend a safety factors for collapse of two.